Client Patch 1.23.32b

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: August 29, 1997
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

The Latest Patch:

  • Elementals are now aggressive.
  • Alchemy was changed to work with the scaled skill difficulty.
    • There are multiple variations of some of the potions.
    • Harder variants take more reagents and are more difficult to make.
    • Success at making a tough potion makes you learn more; success at making a potion not worthy of your skill results in not learning at all.
    • The cure potion now works.
  • You now get starting equipment from all three of your starting skills.
  • When you die, you now never go below 100 stat points total. Likewise, when you die, your skills never go below 100 skill points total.
  • You now resurrect with full stamina.
  • Ghosts can no longer walk on water.
  • Ranged weapons now check line of sight.
  • The camping skill is now invoked only by using kindling, not by clicking on it in the skills window.
  • Bedrolls should now log you out when used properly with the camping skill.
  • Fighting styles are now truly disabled.
  • Guards no longer train players.
  • Animations are in place for resurrection by a healer.
  • Shopkeepers who wander off now teleport back to their shops after an interval, if they are unable to walk back.
  • A fix is in for creatures attacking from a distance; we do not know if it will solve the problem for everyone, but it should help accuracy of display of creature location. As a result, you may witness "popping" of creatures as they are shown in their correct location, when the client and server synch up.
  • Several changes went into smelting ore.
    • Ore now weighs half of what it did.
    • Ore now leaves behind excess ore when smelted, and tells you when there is insufficient ore to smelt.
    • The useless ingots have been fixed.
  • Notoriety has been adjusted.
  • The effect of stealing on notoriety has been reduced by a factor of 5 to 10, depending on circumstance.
  • The overall notoriety scale has been tweaked so that it is less exponential.
    • Begging now affects your notoriety 1/5 as fast as before.
    • Being generous now affects your notoriety 1/5 as much as before.
    • Death sets your notoriety to exactly the threshold at which a guard would kill you if you did one more bad thing.
    • Attacking non-human NPCs now has half the effect on your notoriety that attacking humans does.
  • Several creature movement factors have been adjusted to give slower creature movement.

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