Client Patch 1.23.35b

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: September 4, 1997
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

  • A full map update was done that should fix many map problems.
  • Clicking on an archery butte after shooting now gives you your score for the shooting session.
  • Double-clicking an archery butte when standing right next to it recovers your arrows.
  • Several fixes for stability went in.
  • You will no longer be able to hire hirelings for less than the amount of money they request.
  • Pets will only obey the "guard" command from a ghost, nothing else.
  • You can no longer bow or salute while riding a horse.
  • The various field, energy vortex, and blade spirit spells have been declared illegal in towns and will result in guards being called.
  • Learning by watching rate has been adjusted upwards, and the facing check in it has been improved.
  • A fix to horse fatigue.
  • A fix to the problem of combat going on after you have stopped fighting.
  • Changed the macro option from "backscroll" to "journal" to match the character window button.
  • Numerous bugs with magic items have been fixed, whereby they were not removing their effect when the item was removed.
  • All carpentry-made items should now be movable.
  • You can now steal heavy items.
  • We fixed a problem whereby you could get too-heavy items into your backpack.
  • Fixed a crash in the shop window when buying.
  • Fixed a problem with random pricing in certain shops.
  • Put in place the strength requirements for armor and other clothing. This means that you now need a substantial strength to be able to wear plate mail!
  • We have a new set of fixes in for shopkeepers wandering away and teleporting.
  • The veterinary skill has been fixed.
  • Numerous carpentry problems were fixed including placing items in illegal locations.
  • The inscription skill should be fixed. The icons and names should be correct, and you should be able to put the resulting scrolls into a new spellbook.
  • Fixed problems with lights displaying properly.
  • Reagents should now be taken properly when spells are cast.

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