Client Patch

This patch was for the Enhanced Client.


  • Date: August 4, 2010
  • Size: 30,683,426 bytes
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

New User Settings Options

  • Use English Item Names (Default: Off) - Always displays item names in English, regardless of selected language.
  • Ignore Mouse Actions on Self (Default: Off) - All mouse actions, such as mouse overs and clicking will be disabled for your character in the world. You will still be able to interact with yourself through user interface elements such as the portrait or health bar.
  • Show Corpse Names (Default: Off) - Names will automatically appear over corpses when they appear in the world.
  • Enable Hardware Death Effect (Default: On) - Enables the hardware accelerated death effect when dead. Turning this off may resolve graphical issues on certain hardware configurations.

Additional Changes

  • Buttons on the party health bars will now cast Chivalry equivalent spells if Chivalry skill is higher than Magery.
  • Added mouseover tooltips to the spell buttons on the party health bars.
  • Added a "Dismount" macro action under the "Items/Abilities" category of the Actions window.
  • Updated double-click action for the portrait to a "use" action instead of always opening the paperdoll.
  • Mobs will now highlight properly when mousing over their overhead names.
  • Added more icons to select from in the Macro Editor.
  • The camera zoom settings now save up to four decimal places instead of two.

Bug Fixes

  • The backpack closed and items placed onto the hotbars greyed out when mounting an ethereal mount from the hotbar.
  • The viewport was getting stuck on the upper left-hand corner when being resized occasionally.
  • The graphics of items in grid-view of a container were sometimes disappearing or becoming distorted.
  • The party window functionality (targeting and context menus) were lost if a member left the party.
  • The skill percentage of Anatomy showed the skill percentage of Animal Lore when placed onto the hotbar.
  • The tooltip was getting stuck on the screen when mousing over certain user interface elements.
  • The Skills window settings "Show Modified/Real" and "Show/Hide Caps" were not saving across game sessions.
  • Mouse wheel settings were not saving properly when set to "Cursor Target Current" or "Cycle Last Cursor Target."

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