Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger was an event that took place the last weekend in March 2009, as part of the Salvation chapter of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle.

In this event, members of the Shadowlords Faction, under the orders of Melissa the Mage, sought to assassinate the mage Clainin at his hiding place in the City of Trinsic in Felucca. It is not known how Melissa learned of Clainin's whereabouts.

If they proved not up to the task, as was the case on some Shards, Melissa killed Clainin herself.

Every significant NPC in this event was played by the Shard's Event Moderator, and thus their exact personalities and some of the details differed.

For example, on some shards, Casca was seen with Clainin before the Shadowlords attacked, whereas on others Casca himself was unseen. Some shards also saw Casca's Royal Guard commander, instead of Casca. And some shards had only Clainin and the NPCs assigned to protect him. Some shards reported Clainin using Wisp magic to defend himself. While not all shards reported this, it is not known if this was an actual difference between the shards, or if only some shards took note.

On all shards, Casca can fairly be described as fearful, and Melissa can fairly be described as a kind of "dominatrix" figure, for want of a better term.

All shards had similar rewards. These rewards included a Faction Artifact known as Clainin's Spellbook, which was very different from the Community Collection reward of the same name (see Clainin's Spellbook), and new kinds of Rubble.

New items called Obsidian Daggers, related to Glass Daggers, were granted to members of the Shadowlords Faction.