Commodity Deed

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A Commodity Deed allows a player change certain goods into a handy and easily transportable deed, perfect for trading or transporting bulk goods as well as vendoring. Prior to this, for example, selling several thousand boards or ingots was difficult and time consuming as both buyer and seller typically had to go through several rounds of trading piles of gold for items repeatedly.

Empty commodity deeds may be purchased from NPC bankers and minters and appear as "an unfilled commodity deed". They are Blessed and appear as a light green deed.

The commodity deed is filled by double-clicking the deed and then targeting the pile or stack of bulk goods, which must be in the character's Bank Box, hold of a Galleon or a Commodity Deed Box. The deed is then "filled" and will display labels indicating the quantity and type of item it was filled with.

Commodity deeds are redeemed back into the original item by double-clicking them in a Bank Box, a Galleon's hold or a Commodity Deed Box secure in a home.

Only the following items may fill a commodity deed:

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