Communication Crystal

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Communication crystals allow for the remote broadcast of in-game conversations. There are 2 types of crystals, “broadcast” crystals and “receiver” crystals. These crystals can be purchased from a town NPC Jeweler. Publish 77 added an improved version called Farspeaker.

Broadcast Crystals

Broadcast crystals have the following properties:

  • They can be linked to a maximum of 10 receiver crystals;
  • When a character speaks, a proximate broadcast crystal will pick up their speech;
  • Broadcast crystals work from a pack animal's pack;
  • Active broadcast crystals in a player’s backpack will pick up the speech said by that player first, and all others close by secondly; and
  • A broadcast crystal located on the ground can pick up nearby speech.

To use a broadcast crystal, perform the following procedures:

  • Double clicking the broadcast crystal and targeting itself will turn the crystal on or off.
  • To link a broadcast crystal to a receiver crystal, double click the broadcast crystal and target a receiver crystal. This will link the receiver crystal to the broadcast crystal, if the receiver crystal is not already linked.
  • Double clicking a broadcast crystal located in a character's backpack and then targeting that character will clear the receiver list.

Receiver Crystals

Receiver crystals will work in the following manner:

  • Double clicking the receiver crystal then targeting itself will turn the crystal on or off; and
  • Double clicking the receiver crystal then targetting the player’s character will remove the broadcast crystal connection to the receiver crystal.

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