Conjurer's Garb

Conjurer's garb.png
Conjurer's Garb
Weight: 3 Stones
Mana Regeneration 2
Luck 140
Defense Chance Increase 5%
Strength Requirement 10


The Conjurer's Garb is a special robe that can be acquired by doing the Halloween 2009 Quest.

It is thematically related to the Conjurer's Trinket and Conjurer's Grimoire from Halloween 2008 but does not otherwise have any effect in connection with those items.


There are two varieties of the robe depending on how it is obtained.

Curing Gypsies

If enough blue Crystallized Essence is applied to gypsies cursed into monster form as part of the Halloween 2009 quest, they will become human again. The player who successfully cures one will receive a Conjurer's Garb in their backpack. Due to low respawn rates of the cursed gypsies, the high number of blue Crystallized Essences required to cure the gypsies and overall high contention of players to cure, this version of the robe(with the rather high 140 Luck) is rarer and more valuable.


Sometimes a Harbinger will have one on its corpse when killed. However, this version does NOT come with 140 Luck but all other item properties are identical.

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