Crystal House Tile Set

The Crystal House Tile Set was added with the 9th Anniversary Collection and is only available to 9th Anniversary upgraded accounts. The Shadow House Tile Set was introduced at the same time. The Crystal Furniture Set compliments this tile set.


Crystal tile set tiles.png
Click Here to see a floor tile pattern example


Full Walls

Crystal tile set walls.png
Click Here to see a full wall example

Half Walls

Crystal tile set half-walls.png
Click Here to see a half wall example

Quarter Walls

Crystal tile set quarter walls.png
Click Here to see a quarter wall example


Crystal tile set roofs 1.png Crystal tile set roofs 2.png
Click Here to see a simple roof example
Click Here to see a complex roof example


Crystal tile set stairs.png
Click Here to see full size stairs


Crystal tile set doors.png
Click Here to see some placed doors


Crystal tile set special.png
Click Here to see special decorations example

Example Houses

  • Crystal tile set roof example 2.png

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