Daemon Bone Guide

This guide is designed to show you purely the most efficient way of solo collecting Daemon bone.png Daemon Bone inside the dungeon Doom and it is not intended to show how to collect daemon bone using different templates or for guild hunts. Note that with the Stygian Abyss expansion, Daemon Bone also became one of the Mysticism reagents and can also be obtained from the Void Creatures in Ter Mur.

The guide makes use of the Dark Guardian room in Doom for collecting Demon Bone, this is a special room where Dark Guardians spawn when you enter; 2 Dark Guardians will spawn per player / summon / follower in the room and each Dark Guardian has 30 Demon Bone on their corpse when they die.


  • When you enter the room there is a chance that pets following you will not enter with you.
  • When you enter the room there is a chance you will be teleported to the spot where you appear if you die in the Dark Guardian room (good to have a rune marked here for resurrecting others).
  • The Cu Sidhe will only attack if is set to guard you.
  • If your CU dies in this room you will die if you have no other offensive ability.
  • The room cannot be opened until the Dark Guardians have all been killed.
  • Do not set your pack animal to guard you.


We take two pets into the room with us, a Cu Sidhe to kill the Dark Guardians and a pack animal (Pack Horse or Pack Llama) to hold the demon bone. We bring the pack animal into the room so that we can spawn the maximum amount of 6 Dark Guardians when soloing, which will drop a total of 180 demon bone; a pack animal can hold 1600 demon Bones; and with decent STR you should be able to carry around 400 demon bone, with the correct technique in one trip you can collect enough demon Bone to get 2 Gold skulls.


  • Animal Taming template with some Magery, other char skills do not matter
  • A bonded Cu Sidhe trained above 65 in all skills
  • A bonded pack animal
  • Capability to cast Invisibility
  • Capability to cast Cure
  • Good poison resist armor

How to

  • First of all you will need to find the Dark Guardian Room in Doom, below is map of doom with all the relevant areas marked
Doom DM Locations
  • The room before the Dark Guardian room is a safe spot to mark a rune as it is very unlikely any spawn from the main dungeon will get in here
Safe Spot
  • When you are in this safe spot tell both your pets to follow you and your Cu Sidhe to guard you
  • Mount your CU Sidhe
  • Open the doors
  • Precast invisibility
Entry to Dark Guardian room
  • Enter the room and 2 Dark Guardians will spawn
  • Target yourself with your precast invisibility spell
Initially inside the Dark Guardian room
  • Dismount your CU
  • If you told your CU to guard you it should start attacking Dark Guardians and you will stay invisible
CU Killing initial spawn
  • When they are dead open the door and call your pack animal into the room without leaving the room
Bring your pack animal inside
  • Take your pack horse to the north of the room (see image) and tell it to stay
tell your pack animal to stay here
  • Your CU should be following you and you should still be guarded

Warning: Do not give your pets any more commands (not even all follow me) from this point on otherwise your CU will loose its guard status and you are in danger.

  • Cast invisibility on your pack horse
  • Precast invisibility

Note: The Dark Guardians take about 3 minutes to re spawn each time, after this timer is up any movement in the room will spawn the Dark Guardians.

  • Move around the north section of the room until the Dark Guardians Spawn and immediately cast invisibility on yourself
Walk back and forth until they spawn
  • 6 Dark Guardians will spawn and your CU will automatically attack them
Pack animal invisible and CU attacking

Warning: You must have a well trained Cu Sidhe (see Pet Training guide) in order for it to survive against 6 Dark Guardians; your CU should not go down to less that 1/3 life. Note: When the Dark Guardians spawn the doors of the room will be locked and a poisonous gas will fill the room, the poisonous gas will not kill you or your pack animal but it may reveal you and your pack animal but by this point all of the Dark Guardians should have already targeted your CU. Note: If your worried about the gas revealing you try and finish your walk to spawn the monsters on top of (or behind) your pack animal this way you have another line of defense.

Pack animal revealed and poisoned

Note: Some times the Dark Guardians will cast invisibility on themselves so your CU will loose interest in them, they should however start again when the Dark Guardians attacks it again; try not to give it a command to attack otherwise you will have to give it the guard command again. Note: If the Dark Guardian does target you (very rare) then try and run to a different corner of the room and cast invisibility on yourself, otherwise command your CU to attack the Dark Guardian that's after you, just remember to reset guard on your CU.

  • Once the Dark Guardians are dead cast cure and heal on your pack horse and yourself.
  • Walk up to the dead Dark Guardians and collect all the demon bone (180 bones), walk back up to your pack horse and drop the demon bone into it.

Note: You have to do all this pretty quickly as you only have about 3 mins to the next spawn.

  • Cast invisibility on your pack horse, rinse and repeat.

Help its all gone wrong!

  • If you die you will apear in another part of doom and you will have to get someone else to res you, the nearest healer is outside of the main entrance to the dungeon (a long run).
  • You never want your pack horse set to guard otherwise it will die very quickly.
  • If your pack horse dies simply res it with the Vet skill while in the room and put the already collected bones back into it.
  • If things really get messed up or you think you have taken to long to for the 3 min timer don't worry, don't move, ensure your CU is guarding you, cast invisibility on your pack animal then precast invisibility and run north, if the Dark Guardians spawn immediately just target yourself with the invisibility and watch your CU kill them.


This guide has some very specific requirements which maybe out of the reach of younger players but you are gaining entry into Doom Gauntlet proper so it shouldn't be too easy; the only times you should die using this method is when your CU has not been set to guard you.

Good Luck!

Alternative Method

Another method that is very effective is for players that don't use a tamer all the time or don't like using a tamer in Doom. Personally, I use this method and it works very well, even though only 2 spawn at a time.

First off, have a Chiv/Archer with some type of undead slayer bow that is somewhat fast. Go right before the last door the the Dark Guardian room. Go up to the door and cast enemy of one and right after that, cast consecrate weapon. Run in about 4 or 5 tiles and the guardians should spawn. Immediately attack one. They will die very quickly and only one should attack at a time unless it takes a while to kill the one you're fighting.

I usually have no trouble with them and can kill BOTH in about 12 seconds. Sometimes faster. Although the tamer method is effective as well, this method is safer although you must carry the bones without a pack animal, unless you choose to.