Warrior Armor Set

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The Warrior Armor Set is a 6-piece Item Set.

  • This set was introduced in the Mondain's Legacy expansion.
  • The parts of this set impart additional benefits when the entire set is equipped.
  • The parts of this set change their hue when the entire set is equipped.

This set, which is also frequently known as the "Darkwood Armor Set," is the only item set that is craftable. Initially this set gave Night Sight, an ironic bonus given that the Warrior Armor Set is Elves Only; elves already have Night Sight by default. This was replaced by a bonus of 100 Luck in Publish 51.

Unique among item set parts (which typically have the exact same properties for each segment), the parts of this set can gain material bonuses depending on the type of Wood you use. Heartwood allows you to boost all the total resistance levels of the suit to at least 70. As is usual with Craftable Artifacts, the items can receive neither Exceptional nor Runic Tool bonuses.

Total Stats


Darkwood Chest.png Darkwood Chest Darkwood Crown.png Darkwood Crown Darkwood Gauntlets.png Darkwood Gauntlets
Darkwood Gorget.png Darkwood Gorget Darkwood Leggings.png Darkwood Leggings Darkwood Pauldrons.png Darkwood Pauldrons

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