Decorative Cannon

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A 7th year veteran reward, the Decorative Cannon is a house addon which can actually fire cannonballs. In order to place the cannon, your account must be 84 months or older. To place, double-click the Deed for a Cannon and select the facing. Target the location you want the cannon to sit.

Various explosions will occur when fired.


To fire the cannon, double click anywhere on it and target a tile in front of it or slightly on the side. If you target an area out of range, you will receive a system message telling you so. If the target is in range, the cannon will fire and create a spectacular explosion.


The cannon runs on explosion kegs. When empty, have a full explosion keg in your backpack and double-click the cannon. It will present you with a gump telling you how much it will be refilled and to confirm your action. If you press ok, the cannon will be recharged and the keg will disappear from your backpack. A lesser explosion keg gives 5 charges, normal explosion keg gives 10 charges, and a greater explosion keg gives 15 charges.

  • Note: The keg is destroyed upon recharging


  • Can face North, South, East, or West
  • Takes up 1x3 tiles
  • To redeed, use an Axe on the cannon

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