Derek the Merchant

Honor - City of Trinsic

Derek the merchant map.gif

Derek, a merchant of Trinsic - Found outside of the Trinsic Royal Bank, Trinsic.

Quest Title Details Reward
The Honor of the De Boors Obtain 10 diamonds, 10 rubies, 10 emeralds Help retrieve the De Boor shield

Obtain 10 diamonds, 10 rubies, 10 emeralds. You will need to mark these as quest items. They can be acquired by killing monsters, but you can just as easily buy them from the jeweler. You will be asked to take them to Jack The Loan Shark, who can be found at Trinsic Dock. He will give you a shield which you return to Derek.

Bag of jewels.gif Ancestral shield.gif

Reward: Goblet of Celebration

Goblet of celebration.gif

The contents of the Goblet can be drunk, with no effect. Will refill once every 24 hours.