Developer Chats

The UO team will sometimes hold special chat sessions with players where they will explain upcoming changes and answer questions.


The Ultima Online House of Commons is the oldest and the only chat that is still held. Unfortunatly, this once monthly chat has been cut back substantially with only 3 being held per year for the last 2 years.

List of UOHoC's

See: List of Ultima Online Houses of Commons


IanStorm ran a bi-monthly developer IRC chat that was much like the UOHoC chats. It was called the Ultima Online Storm Chat, to go with the theme of their site. Chats were numbered, with fourteen (14) in all being held. This chat is no longer held.

List of UOSC's

Ianstorm Gimmie 5

IanStorm also ran an occasional development team Q&A called Gimme 5. Like Five on Friday, players asked 5 questions and the developers gave 5 answers.

List of Gimme 5's