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Discipline is the first quest in a Quest Chain, or a series of smaller quests, each of which must be completed in order to successfully complete the chain. This particular quest chain, when completed, allows a character to cast Spellweaving spells and rewards an Arcane Circle scroll, a Gift of Renewal scroll, and a Spellweaving Spellbook.

This quest is given by the following NPC in Sanctuary.

Note: Discipline is one of two Quest Chains that may be undertaken to learn the Spellweaving skill. The other is the similar Patience Quest Chain.


"Learning to weave spells and control the forces of nature requires sacrifice, discipline, focus, and an unwavering dedication to Sosaria herself. We do not teach the unworthy. They do not comprehend the lessons nor the dedication required. If you would walk the path of the Arcanist, then you must do as I require without hesitation or question. Your first task is to rid our home of rats...50 of them in the next hour."


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Slay 50 Rat Sanctuary


The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.


In order to begin, you will first need to locate Koole the Arcanist in the Southern most area of Sanctuary. She will first request you to slay 50 Rats in the same dungeon within the space of an hour. Although the rats themselves are not difficult to kill, be warned that Changlings, Titans and Ratman Mages roam the same areas.

Once this is completed, you will be sent after a variety of items (which you'll hopefully have collected prior to entering Sanctuary).

Quest Chain

Quest Title Details Reward
Discipline (Part I) Slay 50 rat in Sanctuary Access to 2nd quest in chain
Needs of the Many - Sanctuary (Part II) Obtain 10 Bale of Cotton Access to 3rd quest in chain
Making a Contribution - Sanctuary (Part III) Obtain 250 boards Access to 4th quest in chain
Supplies for Sanctuary Obtain 1 sack of flour, 10 Jar of Honey, and 20 cooked Fish Steak Access to 5th quest in chain
The Human Blight Obtain 30 Severed Human Ears 1 Arcane Circle scroll, 1 Gift of Renewal scroll, and 1 Spellweaving Spellbook.

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