Dreadhorn is a quest given by Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition who can be found in Heartwood. This quest will make you gain entrance to Twisted Weald. This quest can only be completed once, but you can still enter the Twisted Weald after the quest has been completed.

Defeating Dreadhorn is also an assigned task from Hawkwind for those wanting to gain the Mastery of Chivalry.

Quest Description

Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition

Can you comprehend it? I cannot, I confess. The most pristine and perfect Lord of Sosaria has fallen prey to the blight. From the depths of my heart I mourn his corruption; my thoughts are filled with pity for this glorious creature now tainted. And my blood boils with fury at those responsible for the innocent creature's undoing. Will you find Dread Horn, as he is now called, and free him from this misery?

-Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

After accepting the quest, you need to go to Twisted Weald. You can get there by going through the Spirituality shrine into Ilshenar and head west to the cave opening. Enter the cave and head north to the sparkling gate.


The following six items are required to be gathered to finish the quest:

Thorny Briar

Now it is time to obtain a Thorny Briar Thorny briar.png. These spawn randomly on the ground in the desert area to the northeast area of the map. Be careful while traveling this area, is appears you travel slowly throughout the desert terrain! Here is a map showing the six locations you will be traveling.

Gnaw's Fang

After getting a Thorny Briar, head to the northwest part of the map and kill a Gnaw. The gnaw corpse will have the Gnaw's Fang Gnaw's fang.png.

After obtaining a Gnaw's Fang, head south into the swamp area. The remaining four items will come from this area.

Sabrix's Eye

Kill Lady Sabrix and receive a Sabrix's Eye Sabrix's eye.png.

Lissith's Silk

Kill Lady Lissith and receive Lissith's Silk Lissith's silk.png.

Irk's Brain

Kill Irk until you receive an Irk's Brain Irk's brain.png.

Blighted Cotton

Pick up Blighted Cotton Blighted cotton.png from the ground; it spawns frequently.

Enchanted Mushroom Fairy Circle

After collecting all six quest items, head south to the statue of the faire, and drop the items onto the altar. Three Essence of the Wind Essence of the wind.png will drop into your backpack which can be used to teleport all members of the party to the island. The Dread Horn can be found on this island. It will take a group of five about thirty minutes of casting earth elementals and energy vortexes to kill the Dread Horn.

Thank you. I haven't the words to express my gratitude.
-Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition

Quest Reward

  • A strongbox with about five magic items inside.


  • Thanks to the following adventurers for helping me gather the above quest items: Hebus, Vanyel, Hallow and Roscor!

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