Elder EM Dudley

Greg "Kyronix" Havlusch or Dudley is an Associate Designer of Ultima Online and an ex-Event Moderator distinguished by his purple jester hat. He is also known to wear a "Golden Ring of Hilarity" on his right hand.

He began his EM career as a "floater", or an EM that "floats" from shard to shard where needed. However, in March 2009 following the retirement of EM Tailspin, EM Dudley was promoted to Lead EM for the Chesapeake shard. In 2010, he was again promoted, this time to Elder EM, signifying his tenure since the inception of the second EM program.

In early 2012, Dudley is promoted to Associate Designer and took the handle Kyronix. He has a noted sweet tooth, and particularly enjoys cookies.

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