Essence of Fear

Essence of Fear is a quest offered during the In the Shadow of Virtue - Rise of the Bane Chosen event by one of the Ophidian Bounty Collectors who can be found in the Ophidian Lair inside the Lost Lands Desert. You need to have at least 2000 loyalty points for the Ophidian side to be able to take the quest.

Quest Description

  • Obtain 10 Crystalline Blackrock and return for your reward. The most efficient way to get it is by killing higher tier Bane Chosen on the frontline of this event.

Greetings-s-s-s friend. You have s-s-served us-s-s well. We will be glad to trade with the likes-s-s-s of you.

Alchemist am I, developed very s-s-special potion to defend agains-s-s-st the humans who attacks us-s-s-s. Potion that makes-s-s them fear us-s-s-s.

Bring to me ten crys-s-stalline blackrock and we s-s-shall trade. The Bane Chos-s-sen takes-s-s it from our land. They have found a vein of it in our land and they takes-s-s it. We must takes-s-s it back. Kill their leaders-s-s and bring to me the crystalline blackrock. We will trade, yes-s-s?

Yes-s-s-s. Very powerful potion.

-Ophidian Bounty Collector

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

You can gather enough crystalline blackrock from the corpses of the Bane Chosen that spawn during the second and the third wave while increasing your loyalty to 2000 points which is needed to take this quest. When you have all 20, mark them as quest item and return to the Ophidian Bounty Collector:

"Exc-s-s-s-ellent! You have done well in collecting this-s-s treasure.

I trades-s-s with you gladly. Take these potions-s-s with our thanks-s-s-s.

-Ophidian Bounty Collector


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