Exterminating the Infestation

"Exterminating the Infestation" is a quest offered by Professor Ellie Rafkin at the Britannia Encampment in the Valley of Eodon that gives access to killing the Myrmidex Queen.

To begin this quest you must first declare your allegiance to the Britannians by double-clicking the banner in the Britannia Encampment and fight for them against the Myrmidex inside The Pit.

Quest Description

It is unfortunate it had to come to this. My hope was the knowledge gained from all the peoples and creatures of Eodon would better our understanding of life – alas the Myrmidex are an abomination, creatures born into enslavement by an oppresive alien race, the Kotl.

The Kotl came to Eodon to expand their empire and in doing so upset the delicate ecosystem that is the natural wonder of this place. The Valley cannot survive if the Myrmidex are allowed to spread, and there is no guarantee Britannia will be safe – they must be destroyed from within.

We must quell their numbers significantly in order to force their Queen into reproduction, we must also obtain a powerful pheremone to gain safe passage within the deepest reaches of their pits, and we must also find an insecticide powerful enough to destroy them. Only then can we confront the Myrmidex Queen and end the Myrmidex threat. - Professor Ellie Rafkin

Quest Objective

In order to obtain the quest items you must complete the 3 Sub-Quests.

Quest Lore

You must obtain the Bottle of Concentrated Insecticide from the Gambler at the "Modest Damsel" in New Magincia, the Bottled Myrmidex Pheromone from The Gardener in Delucia, and the Myrmidex Population Report from Lt. Foxx before we can launch an offensive against the Myrmidex Queen.


Quest Reward