Five on Friday - August 23, 2007

"With the recent addition of a timer to enchanted apples, strangle became much more powerful in PvP. Will this situation be improved in the future?"
Adding a 2 minute timer didn't produce exactly the result we were looking for, so we plan to revist this in an upcoming publish.


"Why isn't auto stealth detecting working properly on Siege/Mugen?"
Passive stealth detection is purposefully turned off on Siege and Mugen.


"In KR, the gilded dress, formal shirt, fur sarong, fur cape, fur boots, and flower garland are all using placeholder art. What's up with that?"
CatHat says:

"I’m awaiting some technical hoo-hah to be dealt with, so we can introduce MORE paperdoll art and add images for clothing and armor that are duplicates at the moment."


"The resource randomization changes didn't stop scripters at ALL!"
No, they didn't - they weren't intended to. As everyone has pointed out, it would have been a really bad way to do it. No, this change was purely aimed at the economy, scripters and all.

Valorite, frostwood, etc, are *supposed* to be rare and hard-to-get - being able to pick them up casually does weird things to the economy. Yes, we expect prices to rise for items made from those resources. They should rise - the gap in price between an iron/normal item and a val/frostwood item should be pretty large, given that the intended rarity of the components is vastly different. (And has always been vastly different - however, the spawn rarity wasn't affecting the actual rarity much at all, because all you had to do to get valorite was recall around for a bit.)

Scripters still have an advantage, yes - that's why we consider it cheating :P However, if you have a system that will run KR, and you haven't played around with the target by resource macro, do so! It should make strip-mining a much more viable and less tedious proposition.


"I set off one of my fireworks while it was lying on the ground, and it blew up all the ones near it. Is this on purpose?"
Yes! Draconi explains:

There are 5 levels of fireworks, and each one has an explosive range that will set off others nearby. The five levels are based on the fame of the monster. Type / Range

  • "a small firecracker": Same tile only
  • "a medium firecracker": 1 tile
  • "a large firecracker": 2 tiles
  • "an extra-large firecracker": 2 tiles
  • "one of the best fireworks ever": 3 tiles

(Warning! Currently fireworks will also blow up nearby ones even if they are locked down, so be careful if you want to leave them on display - this is a bug.)


Town Hall: Seattle
Don't miss next week's Town Hall in Seattle! We'll be talking about the 10th Anniversary and giving you a sneak peek at some new Stygian Abyss concept art, as well as the usual demos, discussion, and Q&A. RSVP now!

Also, don't forget the Austin Town Hall, only two weeks away!


You're getting the FoF a day early because I'm on a plane to Seattle tomorrow - hope to see y'all there!

- Jeremy

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