Five on Friday - August 25, 2006

1. Can you tell us more about the 9th Anniversary box?
Darkscribe: Just a bit. It will contain Mondain’s Legacy, cost $19.99, and even though it ships in late October, you probably won’t see it on shelves until early in November. And there is a very special surprise early buy anniversary gift, and it doesn’t involve the word "soul" or "stone."

2. Are any changes to existing content (aside from the graphics) coming with or before the new client? Things such as adjusting the spawns and rewards in the old dungeons? Darkscribe: Between now and the launch of Kingdom Reborn, we are going to focus on live event content, similar to what we’ve been doing with the Inu storyline and the Ophidian Invasion. We want to keep changing things up and offering new kinds of challenges, and that might include altering some of the existing content. I can’t be more specific than that at the moment.

3. Regarding the change to evasion which requires 50 weapon skill, how are the Use Best Weapon Skill and Mage Weapon properties handled?
Wilki: Neither of them count towards the 50 weapon skill requirement.

4. Do we need to clear out both Felucca and Trammel cities to progress in the storyline?
Draconi: No, the storyline will continue to progress; yet, the fate of each facet may rely upon the events occurring on that facet.

5. If only Trammel gets cleared will the Ophidians stay in the Felucca cities?
Draconi: Yes, the remnants of the Ophidian army that defected to the rogue queen will continue occupying the cities until they’re forcibly removed.

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