Five on Friday - August 3, 2007

We got a set of Remove Trap and Detect Hidden questions this week:

"What skills are necessary to remove a faction trap and why, since a tinker can make a faction trap removal kit?"
The document here explains faction traps and their removal. "Why" is a hard question to answer - what if your group runs out of kits, or doesn't want to spend the silver on them? What if you don't want to carry any items while you're sneaking around? In short, why not?

"I am having a hard time with remove trap gains. Are all traps equally hard to remove (this includes faction traps)? If not is remove trap a difficulty based skill?"
Wilki says,

"Trap removal is difficulty based, with a modifer for the type of armor you have on (heavier armor makes it harder.) But it's based on the trap's level... so traps that hit harder are harder to remove."

"Does detect hidden no longer have an area of effect and is it difficulty based? It seems that you can only gain by targeting a trapped container not just the ground near it. Also some containers don't seem to give gains at all."
Wilki says,

"Yes, detect hidden does an area search, although that is more difficult than targeting an item directly. Skill gain for detect hidden is difficulty-based, with the difficulty being based on the trap's level (or hiding/magery skill for players) and distance from the spot you targeted."

So yes, it is entirely possible for low-level traps to stop giving gains. Go looking for more dangerous traps, or sneakier people!


"Just wondering how the book of BODs work. I have 8 books, and between them 486 deeds. When I put them in a backpack it says those 8 books use up 102 spots (out of the 125) Why does it take up so many?"
Bulk Order Deed books reduce the number of item counts (or lockdowns) that all those deeds take up, but they don't reduce them all the way down to 1. A BOD book counts as 1 item plus 1 for every 5 deeds in the book, up to a maximum of 101 item counts per book. So, depending on how the deeds are distributed (the counts are rounded down), those numbers sound just about right.


KR Patch Status
We're signed off for a Monday KR client patch (and a publish to TC.) We're actually calling this one Publish 46, because it's a WHOPPER.

Some highlights:

  • The PvP changes currently on TC4 (including some bug fixes to those changes - for example, the mana regen code wasn't working quite right, nor was the ethy stamina code.)
  • You know that rune you got from the Dark Knight after the KR tutorial? It will now take you to his lair, where he will challenge you to single combat.
  • A revamped crafting menu in KR, with some awesome new functionality.
  • The new female paperdoll is in!
  • A TON of KR client optimizations - this should make the client run substantially smoother for everyone, and we've fixed some of the more... psychedelic graphics bugs that cropped up last patch.
  • New macros, including one that will change the way you mine forever. And... some server changes that will also change the way you mine forever.
  • The usual complement of bug fixes, polish, tweaks, etc.

Look for the full patch notes Monday morning!


Have a great weekend!

- Jeremy

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