Five on Friday - May 18, 2007

"One last question on Hit Lower Defense and Attack. How long do these effects last?"
Wilki got me these:

Hit Lower Attack’s duration is 10 seconds
Hit Lower Defense’s duration is 8 seconds


"Can you get looting rights if some one heals all the damage you do to a monster before killing it?"
First of all, see the loot questions here for info on how you get looting rights - FoF #43 and #44. You need to do a certain percentage of the damage of the top attacker to get looting rights. The real question here is how does the top attacker list get cleared? Answer - it gets cleared when the monster returns to full health. So, if you have gotten looting rights but then the monster heals itself completely before it dies, the attacker list gets reset and you'd need to re-earn looting rights.


"What's with this beta form thing?"
A bunch of questions have come up since this announcement was posted.

"Should I sign up once for each account I have?" - No, it's unnecessary. The invites will be per person, not per account.

"I signed up before this announcement but didn't get in - should I sign up again?" - Yes. This will be treated as a separate batch with different, lighter restrictions. For my sanity, I'm not going to re-sort earlier signups to the new standard.

"Why do I need to give out all my personal information?" - We're still under the NDA, and, because the NDA is a legally binding agreement, we need to know who you actually are to let you in. (Hint - when we ask for your name, "Thor the Thunder God" is likely to be looked upon with deep suspicion. Use your legal names, folks.)

"OK I signed up, when do I get my invite?" - Early next week is the plan, so you don't need to check your inboxes compulsively all weekend.

"I didn't see the announcement at first - do I still have a shot?" - As of this writing, we still have quite a few slots left, so sign up!


"In Kingdom Reborn, will there be more character customization options? Will I be able to have blue eyes and a big nose?"
While there won't be full face customization available, players will be able to pick from a variety of different faces. If you're coming to the Chicago Town Hall tomorrow, you'll be able to see some of them!


"Why don't we have an in-game bug reporting system? Email is so last decade."
Heh, indeed. Kingdom Reborn has an in-game reporting tool that works wonderfully, according to our QA department, and in the meantime (and for our legacy players) we've added a Bug Reports category to the Feedback Forms that goes directly to the QA team. (As with the old email address and the rest of the feedback system, we won't be replying to every one, but we certainly read them all.) The uobugs AT uo DOT com address still works fine, for you old-school folks.


Chicago Town Hall
The Chicago Town Hall Meeting is tomorrow! Come out and see the awesome new features we've added to KR this month - the macro system, the new chat system, the World Map, a new pet management tool, and tons of other goodies! RSVP now!


Posting early this week so I can dash off to the airport - see y'all tomorrow!

- Jeremy

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