Online forums can be a fun place or useful tool in extending the Ultima Online experience. Whether it be recounting recent battles with fellow Guild members or asking where to find those Mushrooms to finish the Spellweaving quest, there are a wide variety for all purposes.


The Stratics network contains the largest collection of forums on UO topics. It used to be the official messageboard after the MyUO forums closed down in 2003, however there are no longer any official fansites. The UO developers frequent the Stratics forums the most, and the most general of the general forums is the UHall.

UOGuide has it's own personal forum section on the UOForums and also has its own forums UOGuide Forums.

Shard Specific

Each shard has a specific section on Stratics, some more popular than others. Outside of Stratics there are forums usually hosted by guilds on their respective shards.