Full Jars

Full jars.png
Full Jars
Weight: 2 Stones

Full Jars is a daily rare item.


Full Jars spawned daily in various locations around Sosaria. They are considered a rare item for the fact they are in limited supply. They were one of the earliest, popular rare items owing to their pleasant appearance. While a set of two full jars is the most commonly appearing variation, they have also been known to appear in even rarer forms of one, three or four jars connected together. Full jars are similar in appearance to Powder of Fortification, which has a slightly grey hue.

They have no practical use other than decoration, and what exactly they are full of remains a matter of conjecture and mischievous speculation.


Location where the full jars can be found.

Full Jars can be acquired only on the Felucca facet. No stealing skill is required.

  • Ocllo: (77° 36'S 149° 11'E) The building just northwest of the bank. The jars are located behind the oven on some servers, so object handles (ctrl-shift) must be used to pick up the item.

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