Gargish Document - Letter from the King

Gargish document - letter from the king.png
Gargish Document - Letter from the King
Weight: 1 Stone

The Gargish Document - Letter from the King is one of the quest items of the quest Journey to the Athenaeum Isle. It can be found on the corpse of Minions of Scelestus inside the Athenaeum Isle.


To Her Honor the High Broodmother, Lady Zhah from his majesty, King Trajalem:

High Broodmother, I have received your latest petition regarding your desires and I once again must remind you that I have absolutely no interest in altering tradition or granting you the freedom from the slavery you have deluded yourself into believing makes up your life.

Please remember that your office may be stripped by me if you are deemed unfit to lead the other Broodmothers. Be happy with your place and do not forget it; this is the last time I will lower myself to respond to these ridiculous accusations and requests.

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