Greater Bracelet of Binding

Greater bracelet of binding.png
Greater Bracelet of Binding
Weight: 1 Stone
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The Greater Bracelet of Binding is a 1st year Veteran Reward and an advanced version of Bracelet of Binding. It can be used to bind with 10 players at once.

You need to equip the bracelet to use it. Double-clicking on it will open a menu which you can use to add other players. In order to add a friend, she/he must be wearing a Bracelet of Binding or a Greater Bracelet of Binding.

Same as the case in a Bracelet of Binding, normal recall rules apply: if you cant cast recall or recall to your target then you cant use it. You also cant use it if they are not on your bracelet slot. The bracelet cannot be used if a player is standing in a player home. Unlike Bracelet of Binding, you cant "inscribe" a custom message on a Greater Bracelet of Binding.