Grim Reaper

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The Grim Reaper was a special monster spawned during Halloween 2006. He would appear in a Champion Spawn-like fashion in Graveyards. Undead creatures would spawn with red names and players would have to kill them. When enough were slaughtered, the Grim Reaper would appear.

Once the Grim Reaper targetted a specific player, they would be followed until death. You could not escape by hiding or recalling, he would follow you anywhere. Upon death one random player would recive a cursed doom major artifact or the Grim Reaper's Scythe in their backpack.

Statistics and Abilities

Due to his human form, the Grim Reaper could not be targeted with Animal Lore.

  • Each melee swing of his Scythe did approximately 20-30 damage on an all 70 resistance player.
  • He can use the special moves Bleed, Whirlwind, Paralyzing Blow, Crushing Blow and Mortal Wound.
  • He would teleport to you if you ran too far away or were behind an obstacle.
  • He would mass curse everyone in the area.
  • He could cast necromancy spells.
  • His hit points were in the tens of thousands.
  • Loot includes 3,800 - 4,200 gold and 30 magic items.


There were some changes after the original introduction:

  • If the targetted player entered a house or died, the Grim Reaper would return back to the graveyard.
  • The artifact was changed to be given randomly to 1 of the top 16 damagers, instead of the top damager.

Further changes were introduced a week later:

  • The Grim Reaper will now return to his graveyard if he teleports into a justice region.
  • The Grim Reaper will now teleport back to his graveyard once he gets down to 33% of his health.
  • Other monsters will now ignore the Grim Reaper.

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