Hidden Kotl City Items

With Publish 94 in the Kotl City we have hidden Regal boxes.

Regal boxes are invisible to all chars to find them you must have a min of 40 detect hidden skill if your an elf or have a min of 80 detect hidden skill if your an human or gargoyle to passively detect them. You will get the message 'you detect something hidden in the area' when you get close to one of these hidden boxes Your passive detect hidden will sense a box from around 4 tiles away. With the min skill you will be able to reveal the box but it will take many attempts before you do. You will need above 80 lock picking to easily unlock it. The chest is also trapped with a poison trap and a dart trap.

The training aid Crystal Ball of Knowledge obtained from Ortlem the Mystic’s quest is particularly useful, the difficulty of the skill being related to the distance from the target.

  • Too Easy = on the hidden box but failed attempt
  • Very Easy = 1-2 tiles away
  • Easy = 3-4 Tiles away
  • Optimal = 5+ tiles away

The loot is:

  • 800-1300 gold
  • 3-20 various gems

Sometimes there is also 1 or more of the following items:

  • Cards of Semidar (including 2 new ones only found in these boxes)
  • Kotl power cores
  • volumes 1-4 of 2 different history books by Ellie Rafkin or Dr Spector.
  • Inactive automaton head
  • Artifact of the Kotl

the Regal boxes can be found in each of the 6 crumbled rooms on the west side of the battle simulation room of Kotl City, they have about a 5 minuet re spawn timer.