High Quality Granite

High Quality Granite

High Quality Granite is a special Resource gathered by means of the Mining skill. It is often also referred to by colloquially as simply granite or as stone. Granite may only be gathered by a Grandmaster (GM) miner once the ability to do so has been learned by reading the book "Mining for Quality Stone". This book may be purchased by any character, regardless of the level of their mining skill. It is sold by Stonecrafter NPCs in the Royal City of Ter Mur, and costs slightly more than 10,000 Gold coins.

The book is a single-use item. Once read by a GM Miner, it is destroyed. Learning this new ability does not require any additional skill points nor affect skill cap, but grants a GM Miner the ability to also mine for stone. To mine for stone as well as Ore the miner must left click his/her Pickaxe or Shovel and toggle the selection: 'Mining: Ore and Stone' from the menu.

Stone can be mined in all ore colors. If an iron vein is being mined, the granite will always be iron colored. If the ore vein being is colored, the granite color will be either iron or match the color of the vein (Dull Copper, Shadow Iron, Copper, Bronze, Golden, Agapite, Verite and Valorite).

Granite mined prior to Publish 56 is un-stackable and weighs 10 stones per chunk. It could only be obtained one unit at a time. Currently mined Granite weighs one stone, is stackable, and can be harvested in multiple units per dig.

Once mined, a GM Carpenter who has read the book (also from Royal City) entitled "Making Valuables with Stonecrafting" may use the stone to make tables, statues, vases, Elven Forges. A Mallet and Chisel is required to craft with stone, which is not craftable but may be purchased from Stonecrafter NPCs in Ver Lor Reg as well. Alternatively, single pieces of granite may be used as seats.

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