Hit point

Hit Points refers to a character's ability to sustain damage. If a character reaches zero hit points, he or she is dead. Strength is the primary determinant of hit points, but they are not assigned on a one-for-one basis. The formula for calculating hit points is (Strength/2) + 50.

Increased Hit Points

A character's hit points can be increased in several ways. In addition to increasing the amount of strength a character has, wearing certain magic items can increase hit points. The Item Properties of Strength Bonus and Hit Point Bonus are item-based increases. The potion Strength, Magery spell Strength, and certain magical foods temporarily increase hit points in addition to the statistic strength. The Bard Mastery song Invigorate can also add hit points to party members.


All creatures, NPCs, and player characters have a natural rate of hit point regeneration, whereby lost hit points are slowly regained. The rate of hit point regeneration can be increased by wearing items with the aptly named Item Property, Hit Point Regeneration.

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