Character Overview

Jaana is an important NPC in the history of Ultima Online and the single-player games upon which it is based. In the single-player games, she was a companion of the Avatar.

She stands for the City of Yew and the Virtue of Justice.

Jaana's Staff, one of the Virtue Artifacts, is named for her.

Jaana's Hangover Rememdy is also named after her.

The Legend of Jaana and the Goblin King

A story about her is very telling about the limits of Justice.

It is said that, during a war between Humanity and Goblins, the humans captured a great goblin king, and brought him to Jaana, a judge at the time, for trial. She informed them, "this is war, just kill him." The people insisted that the king be tried, so Jaana donned her robes and listened to their case, heard about the goblin king's terrible crimes.

However, Jaana acquitted the king. His crimes were in the course of a war and besides, he was a goblin, not subject to humanity's laws. The proper course, she informed the people again, was to kill him in the course of war, not to parade him around for a trial.

The people were outraged as Jaana set the goblin king free, but their rage did not last long. Being a goblin, the king could not contain his bloodlust and attacked Jaana immediately upon being released.

Jaana killed him.

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