Shrine of Justice
Justice Moongate

Justice is a: Virtue; a Shrine, and an Ilshenar Moongate.


Justice is one of the virtues for which there is a game mechanic. The only way to earn Justice is through PVP combat by killing murderers. Justice is expended at Champion Spawns to increase the number of Power Scrolls that are awarded.

Gaining Justice

Justice is awarded to the person who delivers the killing blow to a murderer, or red, character in Felucca. There is a timeframe of 5 minutes between being able to receive Justice again. This is to prevent people from "farming" Justice by continuously res-killing a red.

The amount of Justice gained from each kill varies with the amount of skill points of the killed character and the level of Justice their killer is currently at. After each kill, a message stating "You have gained in Justice" will be displayed. Once you have fully maxed out the number progress points you can earn a message will be displayed stating "You cannot gain more Justice" which for Justice is two kills past reaching the Knight level.

Roughly speaking, killing a skill capped murderer will award up to 3 progress points while attaining Seeker of Justice, a point and a half while working towards Follower of Justice and a point for each kill while attaining Knight level.

Expending Justice

Justice allows you to "protect" another player in Felucca. While one is under the protection of another, the protector has a chance of receiving a Scroll of Power when the recipient receives one. The chance of receiving a "protection scroll" depends on your Justice level.

  • Seeker of Justice: 60% chance of scroll
  • Follower of Justice: 80% chance of scroll
  • Knight of Justice: 100% chance of scroll

The maximum number of scrolls that can be received from the Champion is 12 (6 from the Champion itself, 6 from Justice protection). The protection system is used in the vast majority of Feluccan Champion spawns as a way to maximize the profitability of a spawn. Felucca champ guilds often consider receiving 12 scrolls as the mark for a successful spawn. It is virtually unheard of for established guilds to use anyone below Knight of Justice for the protector. Protection scroll distribution is a spot of contention in many guilds. There are many different methods of scroll distribution with many people trumpeting the benefits and disadvantages of their own.

It is a common misconception that the protection scroll will be a duplicate of the recipient's scroll, at least in intensity if not the covered skill. This is not the case. The scroll received by the protector is random.


The shrine is located on the main continent (87°17'N, 1°45'W). It is a fully functional shrine; a character may lock his or her karma, be resurected, or even tithe gold there.

Wearer of the Ankh Pendant who chant the word "Beh" at the shrine will receive an increase of +1 Mana Regeneration and +1 Hit Point Regeneration, with a 50% chance to get one of those further increased to +2 for one hour. A character need not continue to wear the pendant to maintain the increase for said hour.


Located near Mistas in Ilshenar (53°50'N, 23°40'W), Justice Moongate is surrounded by low level monsters: Headless Ones, Imps, Greater Mongbats, Reapers, and their paragon versions.


Justice is one of the Virtues in the moral system of Ultima Online. See the article on the Virtues for more on that moral system.

  • Symbol: Scales
  • Derived From: Truth and Love
  • Anti-Virtue: Wrong
  • Original Class: Druid
  • Original Home City: Yew
  • Opposing Dungeon: Wrong
  • Mantra: Beh
  • Companion: Jaana

According to Ultima V, justice is Truth tempered by Love. Lord Blackthorn perverted the Virtue to read "Thou shalt confess to thy crime and suffer its just punishment, or thou shalt be put to death."