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This article discusses aspects of the expansion, Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn.

Main Hotbar

When entering KR for the first time you have 9 hotbars at the bottom of your screen with an arrow scroll to the right which will scroll through each bar (1-9). You may also scroll the bars by holding the shift key and pressing the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard.

From current usage, it appears most players do not use the 'fixed' hotbars other than the 'visible' one for most things, some use the underlying ones for items and things they don't access often. However you may create 'floating' hotbars as well as the standard fixed bars as explained below. These 'floating' hotbars may be moved where ever you like on your screen and may be anywhere from 1 to 12 boxes in size.

Resizing and Customizing Hotbars


Hotbars area easy to resize and customize. The picture above is self explanatory and shows how simple it is.

To create a hotbar <Right> click on any box in the Hotbar at the bottom of your screen and select <New Hotbar>. A new Hotbar will appear horizontally with the standard 12 hotkey spots. This hotbar may be moved wherever you like and resized or made vertical as shown in the diagram above. How you arrange your desktop with the new bars is up to you. You may prefer to play with the scrolling Main Hotbar and not create any further, or just use the 1st bar in the main and put your other bars elsewhere to your liking. It is really up to you and personal preference!

To remove any hotbar <Right> click on it and select <Destroy Hotbar>. You will be prompted to confirm that destroying the hotbar is what you wish to do to avoid mistakes.

Placing Icons in Hotbars

Item Information
Hotbaritems.jpg Placing Icons in Hotbars

Customizing has never been easier, just drag and drop spells, skills, virtues and created macro icons, ethereal mounts, weapons, bandages, rune books, spellbooks, bags of sending, talismans, pet balls, food, and any other item you like into a hotbar for 'one click' access. No more shuffling through your backpack to find those 'orange petals' when a quick poison fix is required, need a potion just click on it!. Icons may be dragged from your paperdoll, spellbooks, menu gumps and your backpack.


  • Make sure once you create your hotbar and place items/spells etc, you set the target by 'right clicking' on the item or spell and select 'self' 'cursor' or 'current'. If your BOS won't give you a 'cursor' it is probably trying to send that chest you last clicked on to the bank!

  • Keep your main backpack as 'clean' as possible so that 'right click' looting doesn't mix your loot up with your normal items. You can put whatever items you carry in a separate container, within your main pack, the icons will still work. (eg: in my main backpack I keep One runebook with 'home' as default for a quick get away which I can target, my spellbooks that aren't equipped on the pdoll, gold, bandages, an 'Item' bag, and a 'Loot' box. The items in the Main backpack and 'Item' bag are loaded into my hotbars for instant use.)

  • Items you require an updated 'count' on need to be in the main backpack or if in another container you must remember to refresh it each time you log in by opening that bag as well (similar function to counting resources), eg bandages, pots, regs, gold. Spellbooks must be in your main backpack or equipped to the paperdoll. If you keep your 'gold' on your hotbar you can see instantly how much you have, and if it is in your main pack you can target it with the BOS to send when you get heavy.

  • When an item is no longer in your backpack it will 'grey out' to show you it needs to be replaced.

  • You can place a container in a hotbar to get access to items that you don't need often but still carry. Clicking on it will open it directly and you may 'use' it as any normal container.

  • Rather than wasting a good key on your keyboard by assigning a macro to it, put the common 'SAY' terms such as 'bank' on a 'Say' macro and drag it to a hotbar, click once and speak!

  • If you create a hotbar horizontally and place all your icons etc in, then decide you don't want it horizontal but vertical, you can drag and change the alignment without losing the icons and assigned keys, targets etc you have already placed in it.
  • If you have assigned a hotkey to action an item in a hotbar and then take that icon away or want to move it to another place you must remember to 'unassign' the position it was in or you will get a 'conflict' later when trying to assign it to the same key in another hotbar. To 'unassign' it right click on the icon and select 'assign hotkey' then press ESC. It will clear the assignment and allow you to use the same hotkey elsewhere. It is best to do this before right clicking to clear the icon, however you can still do it on the empty slot if you do it the other way round.
  • If you find you are getting a conflict prompt saying 'hotkey already used in hotbar number # postion #, and cant find the relevant hotbar, then what you can do is eg say it was hotbar 9 position 10, then go to position 10 (in a 12 slot bar) and right click, assign hotkey and press ESC on all position 10's you have in bars. Remember to reset those keys that you need in those positions. It should clear any conflicting bar. If you have deleted a bar with an assigned key in it, you may need to log out and log back in so that it deletes the information from the stored user data.

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