Library Talisman - A Grammar of Orchish (Summoner)

Grammar of orchish.png

This Talisman is a 550,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Britain Library Collection. A Mondain's Legacy upgraded account is required to equip. It will summon an Orc Brute when double-clicked. While the Orc Brute will defend the talisman wearer, it is not subject to normal taming commands (i.e., Stay). The talisman also comes with a random creature protection. There is a small chance that a talisman can be claimed with the Owned by property.

There is an ~1800 second (~30 mins) cool-down period between summonings. The talisman must be equipped for the timer to reset. If the talisman is removed before the 1800 seconds expire, it will resume at 1800 when next equipped.