Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong in 2010 UO Town Hall Meeting wearing a blue GM Robe.

Mesanna.png Bonnie "Mesanna" Armstrong is the Producer of Ultima Online.

She started working for Origin Systems Incorporated as a volunteer External Test Lead in 1999. She later worked as the Lead QA Tester during many expansions like Third Dawn, Lord Blackthorn's Revenge, Age of Shadows, Samurai Empire, Mondain's Legacy and Kingdom Reborn. She was the Associate Producer and the Associate Development Manager of the Stygian Abyss and the High Seas expansions.

She is known for her events in which several players face a sudden death and, among other things, she is also the head of the current Event Moderator program.

Mesanna's cream pie.png Mesanna's Cream Pie is an EM handout item named after Mrs. Armstrong. "Mesaana" is one of the primary antagonists of the Wheel of Time series.


Calvin Uriah Crowner and Bonnie Mesanna Armstrong in the Ultima Online Developer Q&A, May 2011

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