Museum of Wonders

The entrance of the museum.
Vine Cord Sandals on display on the second floor.

Museum of Wonders is located at the western side of the Royal City of Ter Mur. The museum's collection includes works of art and rare artifacts as well as exhibits on creatures and history. Axem the Curator can be found on the first floor.



Monsters and weapons

Six monsters and their choice of weapons are displayed on the south side of the entrance. The monsters include Ettin, Ogre, Troll, Lizardman, Terathan Warrior and Terathan Matriarch.

Gargish Weapons

A selection of Gargish weapons are displayed on the north side of the entrance.


An unusual depiction of war is displayed on the center of the north side with a cannon, two what seems to be pirates, a Gorilla and Lord Blackthorn.

First Floor

This floors' walls are decorated with colorful tapestries, wall carvings, portraits and paintings.

Dungeon Doom

Dangerous creatures of the dungeon Doom are displayed on the southeast side of this floor including the bosses of the Doom Gauntlet like Darknight Creeper, Fleshrenderer, Impaler, Abyssmal Horror and the infamous Dark Father.

Creatures around Ver Lor Reg

A selection of creatures that are present around the region of Ver Lor Reg like Exodus Dungeon Entrance and Central Ilshenar Desert are displayed on the southwest side.


The balcony on this floor also displays Hydra.

Second Floor

The only item currently on display on this floor is the Vine Cord Sandals. There are ten more pedestals that are currently empty.

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