Pigments of Tokuno (Lesser, Coloured)

The Pigments of Tokuno are used to dye magical items (such as weapons and armor). This particular colour set was obtained during the third Treasures of Tokuno event as Minor Tokuno Artifacts. They each had but a single use and were unstackable.

Note that dyes with no charges remaining disappear and cannot be turned in.

Pigment Name Example
Fresh Peach Pigment.png Fresh Plum Fresh Peach Tunic.png
Silver Pigment.png Silver Silver Tunic.png
Deep Brown Pigment.png Deep Brown Deep Brown Tunic.png
Burnt Brown Pigment.png Burnt Brown Burnt Brown Tunic.png
Light Green Pigment.png Light Green Light Green Tunic.png
Pigment Name Example
Rose (Lesser) Pigment.png Fresh Rose Rose (Lesser) Tunic.png
Pale Blue Pigment.png Pale Blue Pale Blue Tunic.png
Noble Gold Pigment.png Noble Gold Noble Gold Tunic.png
Pale Orange Pigment.png Pale Orange Pale Orange Tunic.png
Chaos Blue Pigment.png Chaos Blue Chaos Blue Tunic.png

Note: Prior to Client Patch, Fresh Plum was referred to as Fresh Peach, and Fresh Rose was referred to as simply Rose.

Whenever the events are active, the Minor Artifacts can be obtained by slaying creatures around the Tokuno Islands (with the exception of Cranes). The more creatures killed, the more likely an artifact would appear in your pack upon defeating the next foe.

If you have 10 such Minor Tokuno Artifacts, they can be "returned" to Ihara Soko the Imperial Minister of Trade in exchange for a Major Tokuno Artifact (even if they have been damaged through use).

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