Potted Cactus

Potted Cactus varieties

A Potted Cactus is a 3rd year Veteran Reward that comes in deed form and when used will produce one of six cacti. They are purely decorative, similar to the potted plants given out in the Holiday 1999 gifts. While only a player account at least 36 months or older may claim or use a potted cactus deed, once created the potted cactus can be traded or locked down by anyone.

The potted cactus is created by using the deed which then presents a menu from which to choose the desired cactus type.

A potted cactus is a purely decorative item, requires no care or watering and yields no resources.

Potted cacti should not be confused with the cactus plants that may be obtained from Gardening.


  • Comes as a deed - "A Deed For A Potted Cactus"
  • The potted cactus will then become decorative which can be locked down and traded by anyone.
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub.
  • When first introduced, the potted cactus deed awarded a random cactus from the possibilities. Only with Publish 57 serveral months later was a menu added allowing the player to choose the cactus they preferred.

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