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The Profile is a sort of notepad which can be used to store information or sayings. It is accessible through the Paperdoll or by setting a Macro key. To open from the Paperdoll, double click the left scroll in the bottom left corner. The profile is not private and can be viewed by any other player who wishes to open it.


  • When viewing your own profile, your account age will appear as a system message and at the bottom. This is not viewable by other players.
  • Click and drag the red ribbon the on right side of the profile to scroll up and down.
  • The height of the profile menu can be expanded by pressing the blue gem at the bottom. A white box outline will appear, drag the mouse up or down to the size you desire. Click to resize the gump.
  • Pressing the - tab at the top will minimize the profile into a small scroll. Double-click the Profile icon.png to open it again.
  • You can paste text directly into the profile by pressing the Ctrl-V key.
  • The amount of space in the profile is not unlimited, it is approximately 1,000 characters.
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