Publish 31

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 31 on March 17, 2005.


Treasures of Tokuno phase 2

  • Locate Ihara Soko, the Imperial Minister of Trade, in Rokuon Cultural Center in Zento
    • Turn in 10 minor Treasures of Tokuno artifacts to receive a choice of any new major Tokuno artifact
    • As you approach Ihara Soko with the minor artifacts, he will present you with a selection window
    • Ihara Soko will keep you updated on how many more artifacts you need to turn in before you receive your reward
    • Chest of Heirlooms that have been tampered with will not be accepted as a valid turn-in
    • Major Treasures of Tokuno artifacts can only be used by SE entitled accounts
  • Note: There is no limitation to how many artifacts you are allowed to turn in. However, this is a limited duration event

Promotional Tokens

  • Promo tokens will not be activated immediately after the publish. We will make an announcement in the near future announcing the activation date.
  • Promotional Tokens will now be given out after entering in valid Promotional Codes
  • Tokens can be more easily traded to other players than codes
  • Double-click the token to redeem what’s in them
  • Applies to promotion codes for Soulstone, Soulstone Fragments, and Character Transfer
  • Promotional Tokens are blessed

Soulstone Fragments

  • Soulstone Fragments are limited use soulstones for players who purchased Samurai Empire
  • Works like a soulstone, except each fragments contains only 5 charges and does not animate when filled
  • Flushing a skill does not use up a charge

Mage Rebalance Changes

  • Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits will now be limited to a total of six (6) per five by five (5x5) square of tiles centered around each Energy Vortex or Blade Spirits. Should the total number of Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits in an area exceed this limit Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits in the area will be selected at random and dispelled until the limit is no longer exceeded. No mana or reagents will be returned to the mage whose Energy Vortex of Blade Spirit was dispelled
  • Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits will now take two control slots
  • Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits now have double the hit points
  • Energy Vortices get a massive boost to their dispel resist to bring them into parity with blade spirits and most of the controlled summons in this regard
  • All magery summons, uncontrolled and controlled get a boost to their dispel resistance
  • When Energy Vortices and Blade Spirits are idle they will now actively scan for nearby creatures to attack. This means they will now notice and attack creatures that spawn beside them instead of continuing to sit idle
  • Blade Spirits now take 3/5 the time to cast as they used to
  • Heal (a.k.a. lesser heal) now heals 50% more damage when used on a target other than the caster. This should benefit those who crossheal other players, and people who heal their controlled summons or pets
  • Player crafted spellbooks now have a chance to have slayer properties. All slayer groups are included. You must have the spellbook equipped to receive the double damage bonus against the slayer group from most direct damage spells (except mind blast and harm).
  • Crafting a one (1) property spellbook now only requires 80 magery. Crafting a two (2) property spellbook now only requires 90 magery. Crafting the three (3) property spellbook now only requires 100 magery. 110, and 120 magery each improve your odds of getting additional properties, but the number of properties is capped at 3. Maximum property intensities are obtainable with just 100 magery
  • Lower Reagent Cost, Lower Mana Cost, and Mana Replenish can now be found on crafted spellbooks
  • Creatures with auto-dispel (not to be confused with spellcaster AI) such as Dragons, Orc Brutes, and Tentacles of the Harrower now only have a 10% change to dispel when hit by a summon, instead of a 100% chance. Barracoon is excepted from this and maintains his 100% dispel chance
  • Creatures with spellcaster AI but low magery will no longer waste all their mana trying to dispel summons that are too difficult. They should now put that mana to better use
  • Control slot count should be cleaned up a bit better at login


  • Retroactively fixed artifact weapons that had their properties changed due to the focus attack bug that occurred from a previous publish. Note: Artifacts affected by this issue that are currently equipped to a character will need to be unequipped for a period of time in order for the fix to affect them
  • Plague Beasts will no longer destroy a player’s corpse if they die while in Necro Form or Animal Form.
  • Players will now unhide when they die to prevent ghosts from trying to auto-stealth
  • Fixed an issue that caused soulstones to become inaccessible if a player had the soulstone gump open going into house customization mode
  • Changed one of the ancestor names listed on some of the Treasures of Tokuno Ancient Urns and Honorable Swords because it was deemed inappropriate by some players
  • Modified the vet rewards system to more accurately determine a UO account’s age
  • Fixed various omissions in the game credits for UO:SE
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to easily land Ninjitsu Deathstrikes for the maximum possible damage by changing the way that the stalking bonus is calculated.

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