Publish 62.3.7

Note - Publish 62.3.7 was never deployed to a production shard but was a stepping stone regarding mostly Imbuing changes that were bundled up into Publish 63.

Deployment History

  • December 7, 2009 - Released to the TC1 shard.

Publish Message


Today we will be releasing the Imbuing overhall we have been working on to go live with Publish 62.3.7. We encourage those interested to hop onto TC1 this week to check it out, we want to get this hammered out before it goes live and as you can see we've made some significant improvements!

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with pets not logging out correctly with their owners

Imbuing Changes

Imbuing UI Redesign

  • The design of the initial imbuing gump has been changed to match the rest of the imbuing UI.
  • Two new options have been added to the initial imbuing gump menu:
    • Imbue Last Properties - This option uses the last used property/intensity combination, and allows you to target a new item to imbue with that combination. It will check to make sure the new item is allowed to be imbued with that combination.
    • Unravel Container - This option replaces the functionality of the unravel bag. It allows you to choose any container in your backpack, and will unravel any items contained inside. This is a recursive operation, so it will unravel items contained inside of sub-containers located inside of the targeted container. If there are any special material items inside, you will be asked if you wish to proceed.
  • The design of the property selection gump has been changes to better organize the available properties for the targeted item.
  • On the left side of the gump is a list of categories for the available properties for the targeted item.
  • On the right side of the gump is a list of properties in the currently selected category.
  • The design of the imbuing confirmation gump has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.
  • The gump layout has changed to better organize the information on the current imbuing attempt.
  • New buttons have been added that allow the intensity to be changed in steps of plus or minus 10 intensity per button press.

Changes to Imbuing Skill Gain

  • Imbuing focus value changed from 50 to 60. This means that you can gain skill from a wider range of difficulties.
  • The overall chance for skill gains has been increased.
  • There are now bonuses to skill gain chance when performing an imbue that requires relic fragments or rare item ingredients (monster drops, etc.). The bonus is per ingredient used, so more difficult imbuing attempts that use more ingredients will increase the chance for skill gain.
  • The number of times a single item can be imbued before it has diminished skill gain has been increased from 10 to 20.
  • The unraveling skill gain cap has been removed.
  • The difficulty value passed into the skill gain system is now roughly equal to the total intensity of the item * 2.
  • Unravel focus value changed from 50 to 70. This means that you can gain skill from a wider range of difficulties.
  • As with imbuing an item, there is now a bonus chance to gain skill based on the number of ingredients returned during the unravel attempt. The quality, and to a lesser extent the quantity, of the ingredients returned give a bonus to the chance to gain skill.

Unraveling Changes

  • The 50 intensity requirement to get multiple ingredients has been removed.
  • The type and quantity of ingredients returned from a successful unravel attempt has been modified so that in general, it returns more materials on average per unravel attempt.
  • Except for items with a total intensity of 1 to 49 intensity, which always give exactly 1 magical residue, there is now a chance to receive a bonus ingredient.
  • Unraveling single items and unraveling multiple items via the Unravel Container feature now use the same process, which eliminates any difference in results between the two methods.
  • Unravel bags will no longer be sold, and existing unravel bags will lose their current functionality, as it has been incorporated into the initial imbuing menu.
  • The bonuses to unravel intensity from special materials have been adjusted so that they more accurately reflect the rarity of the special material.
  • The bonuses to unravel intensity are now applied as a percentage of the base unravel intensity value, instead of adding a flat amount to the value. This lessens the impact of special materials on lower intensity items significantly.

Special Material Item Changes

  • Items made from or enhanced with special materials can now be imbued.
  • This only applies to new items created after this change.
  • Artifacts can now be imbued.
  • These follow the same rules and restrictions as other items. This means most are unable to be imbued, as they already exceed the property and intensity limits of the imbuing system, but many of them can be improved through the imbuing system.
  • Items that are part of armor sets are not allowed to be imbued, as the set bonuses combined with the normal imbuing restrictions would allow for the creation of ultra-powerful items.
  • The bonus to durability is not considered in the total intensity of an item. Since some special materials add durability as an item property, we did not want those special materials to be less attractive in combination with the imbuing system.

General Changes

  • If the damage convert property is rolled when crafting an item with a runic tool, it will no longer count towards the total number of properties rolled. For example, if you use a bronze runic hammer to craft a weapon, you have the possibility to get a weapon with 3 properties plus the damage convert property.


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