Publish 94

First TC1 Release –07/12/2016

Second TC1 Release – 07/29/2016

Full TC1 Release – 8/2/2016

Origin, Izumo & Baja Release – 8/4/2016

World Wide Release – 8/10/2016

Changes Between Origin & World Wide Release

  • Fixed issue where hidden chests inside the Kotl City would sometimes show up as backpacks.
  • Limited the number of faulty activators spawned in the Kotl City activator puzzle.
  • Adjusted the spawning mechanic for the Kotl City Great War to scale with player participation.
  • Fixed issue where the weight of the gypsy wagon would become heavy in the off state.
  • Fixed issue where trick or treat rewards could not be used while locked down.
  • Fixed issue where automaton heads would not spawn in Kotl City hidden chests.

19th Anniversary Gifts

Any character that is at least 30 days old that logs in between 9/1/2016 12 AM ET and 11/18/2016 11:59 PM ET will receive a bag containing, (Tokens will be available from a dispenser located at the Haven Bank on TC)

  • 19th Anniversary Gift Token that can be redeemed for a gift,
  • A random tinkering recipe,
  • Items can be located in the “Miscellaneous” section of the Tinkering Menu.
    • Sculptures require 85.0 tinkering and offer a 75% chance of success at Grandmaster.
    • Requires 200 bronze ingots, failure consumes 25-50 ingots.
    • Sculpture deeds are blessed and can be placed in a house.
  • A Potted Amaryllis
    • Available in 12 common and 3 rare hues.
    • Each plant can be “Grown by” 1 of 27 different professionals (e.g. “Grown by a silly scribe”).
  • An Anniversary card from a member of the Ultima Online Development or Event Moderator teams.

Pumpkin Patches

  • Pumpkin patches are active during the month of October.
  • A new green-gourd style pumpkin is available in 2 designs from the carving kit.

Trick or Treating

New items are available from Trick or Treating:

Treasures of the Kotl City

Requires Time of Legends The ruins of the Kotl City have been discovered in the Valley of Eodon. The entrance is located off the road between the Barako and Urali Tribe villages.

  • Creatures killed within the Kotl City have a chance of dropping “Artifacts of the Kotl”
    • “Artifacts of the Kotl” can be turned in for a variety of rewards,
  • Skeletal Hangman
    • Decorative house addon that retains the name of the player who places it when created.
  • Kotl Sacrificial Altar
    • Decorative house addon
  • Recipe for a Kotl Black Rod (Carpentry)
    • Quarter Staff/Gargish Gnarled Staff
    • Spell Channeling
    • Mage Weapon -0 Skill
    • 2 Faster Casting
    • 5% Lower Mana Cost
    • 10% Lower Reagent Cost
      • Craftable via Carpentry
      • Found in the “Weapons” ategory
      • Requires 100 carpentry skill
      • Base 5% chance of success
    • Requires
  • Recipe for Dr. Spector's Lenses (Tinkering)
    • Glasses
    • 8 Intelligence Bonus
    • 4 Mana Regeneration
    • 12% Spell Damage Increase
    • 8% Lower Mana Cost
    • 10% Lower Reagent Cost
    • 5% Physical Resist
    • 10% Fire Resist
    • 14% Cold Resist
    • 20% Poison Resist
    • 20% Energy Resist
      • Craftable via Tinkering
      • Found in the “Magic Jewelry” category
      • Requires 100 tinkering skill
      • Base 5% chance of success
    • Requires
  • Black Moonstone
    • Ingredient required for the crafting of Dr. Spector’s Lenses & the Kotl Black Rod
  • Recipe for a Kotl Automaton (Tinkering)
    • A craftable 4 slot pet that can be used and controlled by Grandmaster tinkers.
    • Can be found in the “Assemblies” section of the Tinkering menu
    • Requires
    • Automatons retain the hue of the metal they are crafted from and receive double the bonuses to resists and damage in line with material resist and damage bonuses found here.
      • 4 Control Slots
      • Bonded
      • Requires Grandmaster Tinkering to use and control
  • Automaton Actuator
    • Ingredient required for the crafting of a Kotl Automaton
  • Reward Title: Menace of the Myrmidex
  • Reward Title: Zealot of Zipactriotl
  • Reward Title: Explorer of the Kotl City
  • Tribal Banners for each of Eodon’s 6 tribes
  • Katalkotl's Ring
    • Ring
    • +10 Resisting Spells
    • +10 Meditation
    • 5 Hit Point Regeneration
    • 3 Mana Regeneration
    • 20% Spell Damage Increase
    • +20 Magery, Necromancy, Bushido, Chivalry, Ninjitsu, Mysticism
    • Skill can be selected by the player

Weapon special Mortal Strike changes

A successful Mortal Strike will render its victim unable to heal any damage for several seconds.

  • Lasts for 8 seconds (player) or 14 seconds (NPC).
  • Does not prevent curing poison or stopping bleeding.
  • Mortal Strike does 70% of normal weapon damage to target not currently under the effects of Mortal.
  • Mortal Strike done to a target that is currently under the effects of mortal or immune will do 130% of normal damage and will no longer reset the mortal duration.
  • The duration of Mortal strike attacks done using ranged weapons will be halved.
  • An 8 second immunity timer is granted once Mortal is removed.

Champion Spawn Update

  • In order to improve performance while in champion spawn areas we have reduced the maximum spawn count for all champion spawns. This does not effect the spawn rate.
  • Players are still required to kill the same amount of monsters to advance the spawn.

Necromancy Update

  • Focused Spec Necromancers when casting Corpse Skin will reduced max poison and fire resist based on the casters real necromancy and spirit speak skill.

Tinkering Update

  • Repair Mode Toggle – All Tinker's Tools now have a context menu option to switch to repair mode only. This mode allows users to quickly repair items without navigating the crafting gump.

Tinker Pet Repair

  • Current:
    • Repairing tinker pets has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Pets are instantly repaired based on number of available ingots.
  • Proposed:
    • Repairing tinker pets no longer has a cooldown.
    • Repairing is now delayed similar to the Veterinary skill where the player’s dexterity will affect the delay.
    • Hit points repaired is calculated based on Tinkering skill ranging from a max of 12 at low skill to a max of 60 at GM with additional bonuses for pets with over 100 hit points.
    • Hit points repaired can be reduced based on damage received during repair similar to Veterinary skill healing potential is reduced.
  • Automatons
    • Requires the Time of Legends
    • When an Automaton reaches zero health a “Broken Automaton Head” will be placed in the owner’s backpack.
    • Broken Automatons can be repaired using 75 ingots matching the material type of the Automaton.
      • Can only be performed by the owner
    • Broken Automatons cannot be traded, transferred, stolen, or dropped.
    • Broken Automatons still count against pet control slots while in a broken state.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • “Stone Only” can now be set on mining tools to only dig up High Quality Granite. Niter and specialty gems can also be dug up.
  • Updated tileart for the “Eodon Wall Map

Bug Fixes

  • Any leftover Myrmidex spawn in the Myrmidex Queen’s Chambers will be killed when the Queen dies.
  • Elementals will no longer spawn in the Shadowguard Fountain encounter once the encounter has been completed.
  • The loot for all Shadowguard bosses has been normalized so that loot is standard regardless of which of the Shadowguard bosses is encountered last.
  • Fixed issue where some Recipe IDs were not being correctly associated with their respective craftable item.
  • Spirituality Shield no longer triggers when hit by players/pets/hirelings
  • Characters with bugged Lower Mana Cost are now fixed.
  • Pen of Wisdom now properly works on the Runic Atlas.
  • Thunderstorm can no longer hit targets outside of houses while cast in houses and vice-versa.
  • Trick or Treat no longer works on NPCs from the personal attendant token.
  • Fixed issue where players could get stuck in Eodon near the marsh.
  • Players are now told that there is a maximum number of quests that they can have open at a time when they try to accept the 11th quest.
  • The Undertaker's staff summoning range has been drastically increased.
  • Fixed issue where the Urali Trance potion would not provide mana regeneration correctly.

Classic Client 7.0.51

  • Cliloc Changes
  • Art Additions
  • Added EULA acceptance to the login process.

Enhanced Client 4.0.51

  • Cliloc Changes
  • Art Additions
  • Added EULA acceptance to the login process.
  • Corrected targeting issues with all of the targeted spell trigger spells.

TC1 Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed issue where the Urali Trance potion would not provide mana regeneration correctly.
  • Fixed multiple crash issues where the enhanced client would crash when using legacy containers with your backpack.
  • Fixed issue with display of the Terms of Service and localized agreement.
  • Adjusted the destination locations for teleporters related to the Kotl City.
  • Creatures inside the Kotl City will no longer display the “add party” button when using the enhanced client.
  • Fixed issue where ghosts could bypass part of the Kotl City, self-resurrection inside the Kotl City using the Sacrifice Virtue is no longer permitted.
  • Adjusted karma on Kotl Automatons so players no longer incur a karma penalty for killing them.
  • Increased the threshold of wrong guess for the activator puzzle inside the Kotl City.
  • Corrected the spelling of the “Desiccated Myrmidex” larvae.
  • Generalized system messages related to the blood drain AI.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the hidden chests inside the Kotl City would not function properly.
  • Fixed issue where the potted amaryllis would not be delivered from the 19th Anniversary token.
  • Increased the spawn cap for mobs in Champion Spawn areas.