Pure Valorite

This quest is a Tier 3 quest given by Zosilem the Alchemist who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.

Quest Description

Welcome back, friend. It is good to see you again. Are you here to purchase the results of my latest research? I believe you find this very exotic elixir to be quite impressive.

The holy grail of alchemy used to be creating gold from a lesser metal, but even my apprentice knows how to do that. No, today the ultimate goal is the conversion of lesser metal into pure valorite. My most secret recipe allows me to do just that. Bronze becomes valorite! I would not reveal this to you if I did not have confidence that you will be discreet.

The catch is that the ingredients may be hard to come by. Unfortunately, the only source that I am aware of are putrid undead gargoyles. I will need five of their infused glass staves, enough so that when I crush the thickest part of one into a fine powder, I have enough to react with the twenty valorite ingots you also need to obtain. I will not bore you with the details, but the resulting elixir is capable of turning bronze into pure valorite! Sound interesting?

Of course, I will need to inspect the ingots before I accept them, so give those to me before we complete the transaction.

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Infused Glass Staves can be obtained from the Putrid Undead Gargoyles which can be found near the entrance of the Tomb of Kings in Holy City, Ter Mur. You need to give Zosilem 20 Valorite Ingots to get the inspected ones. After you obtained them all, mark them as quest items and return to Zosilem:

Quickly now, do not just stand there holding those staves where anyone can see! I will just take those... and here is your elixir of valorite conversion. It is very valuable, so watch to make sure that you are not followed when you leave the shop. I am busy for the rest of the day, but if you come back tomorrow, I can make more if you wish.


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