Quotes from the pen of Mercenary Justin

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This book is a 350,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Britain Library Collection. It is a decoration for your house which will give notes on the history of dungeon Deceit and make various talking noises. It comes in one of 5 hues: plain, yellow, gray, blue, or green. The book must be locked down in your house and turned on for it to talk.


  • "Deciet was once a temple to the forgotten powers of the old."
  • "There is one place where a deadly trap can only be disarmed by making use of a statue that cleverly conceals a lever."
  • "The dungeon is mystically linked by Crystal Balls placed in different locations."
  • "Beware of a Brazier that gives warmth when approached: thou canst use it to summon deadly creatures."
  • "Do not investigate the Iron Maidens too closely, for they make suck you within them!"
  • "Oft one encounters the deadly exploding toadstool: the ones in Deciet are deadlier than most, as they explode continuously."
  • "Likewise, the very pools of water and slime on the floor may poison thee."

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