Reactive Armor

Reactive Armor - Flam Sanct
Mana Cost 4 Reactive armor icon.gif
Minimum Skill 0.0
Delay (seconds) 0.5
Reagents Garlic, Spiders' Silk, Sulphurous Ash
Duration Permanent
Area of Effect Caster
Magery Circle First
Description The Reactive Armor spell increases the caster's physical resistance, while lowering the caster's elemental resistances. Formula: 15 + (Inscription / 20) Physical bonus, -5 Elemental.

The Reactive Armor spell has an indefinite duration, becoming active when cast, and deactivated only when re-cast. Along with Protection and Magic Reflection, this spell will stay on -— even after logging out, -— until you “turn it off” by casting it again, or until you die. Example with 100 Inscription: (+20 physical -5 elemental)

Reactive Armor Buff Icon & Tooltip
with no Inscription Skill