Red's Curious Goods

A building located in the city of Trinsic. It is two stories large and has five rooms. Coordinates 106o 41'S 37o 15'E.

Aileen's Residence

Lady Aileen has been known to stay at this location. A message she wrote for Lord Francesco decoded by Althara the Scribe reveals this location. Inside the bedroom you find a book on the bed and in the chest of drawers.

Hastily Scribbled Message

The hooded man I told you about was once more at the Castle tonight. Sherry overheard him tell someone that the Council would be disposed of tonight as well as Sherry and myself. And so we've fled...
We will remain in hiding for a while, until we know better who is friend or fore.
We waited as long as we could, I can only hope that my first message found you and that you are safe.

My Journal

I am beginning to share Sherry's suspicions. The strange hooded man was meeting someone in the Council chamber again. Nobody seems to know who he is. And as always Lord Francesco has been whisked away from the Castle by Captain Avery before the stranger's arrived. This seems as little too convenient.
My efforts are paying off at last. Anselm has finally discovered more information about Soldier Brian, the traitor who killed so many of our loyal Royal Guards during the raid against the FOA in Blood Dungeon. It offends me that someone from my hometown could do such a horrible thing.
I wish I had told Anselm to meet me at my private residence rather than the Mess Hall. Fortunately, it is a short stroll from my house and hopefully no prying eyes will notice me.

On to Anselm the Paladin who is found in the Mess Hall on the Northeast side of Trinsic.