Robe Slot

The Robe Slot refers to one of the 19 Equipment Slots on the Paperdoll. While the only items to occupy the Robe Slot are Clothing, some of them have been known to possess special Item Properties. The Robe Slot can be easily confused with the Shirt Slot, Chest Slot, and Sash Slot - it is separate, and displays on top of all of these.

Only one item of the below types may be worn in it at any given time:

Elven Robe.png Elven Robes Fancy Dress.png Fancy Dresses Female Elven Robe.png Female Elven Robes Female Kimono.png Female Kimono
Gilded Dress.png Gilded Dresses Hakama-Shita.png Hakama-Shita Hooded Shroud Of Shadows.png Hooded Shrouds Of Shadows link=:Category:Kamishimo 65 Kamishimo
Male Kimono.png Male Kimono Plain Dress.png Plain Dresses Robe.png Robes