A rowboat is a small watercraft that is very slow and usually used for navigating tight places such as inland waterways or crowded harbors. It has no cargo hold for storage and cannot be armed with cannons. It is the only other type of vessel deployable when you already have a boat or galleon deployed. It moves slowly, thus only being useful for short range travel. Recovery through Lighthouses is unavailable.

Ship Type Hold Size Turn Delay Drift Speed Durability Cost
Rowboat None - - - 6,252 GP


  • Double-click the rope coil on the bow to board
  • Double-click the tiller to mouse steering mode (voice commands cannot be used for a rowboat)
  • Near land, you can double-clock the rope coil to exit the rowboat
  • Use the contextual menu on the rope coil to dry dock it back to deed form


If someone needs to board your galleon, but you are no where near a land mass, a rowboat can be the solution. Put down a rowboat and hope on. Cast a gate to where your passenger(s) are waiting. They will be able to go through and board the rowboat. You can then access them to your ship.

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