Salvation is the title of Chapter VII of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle. It effectively began following the Fire and Ice event, which marked the end of Chapter VI and the end of the invasions that had characterized the War of Shadows. The game manufacturers had specifically stated that most of the remaining events in the event cycle, which appears to be rapidly headed toward its climax, would be run by the Shards' Event Moderators. Further, there has thus far been a greater amount of fiction from the manufacturer than had been the norm hitherto, effectively reminding players that something is going on even when there was no specific reminder of it in-game.

The fiction of this chapter so far has featured several matters. Casca seems to firmly be taking control of the government of Britannia. In a statement issued on 27 March 2009, he openly took credit for the end of the War of Shadows. It is this statement that grants the Chapter its title, which can safely assumed to be sarcastic.

Further, there is increasing evidence that Britannia is caught in the middle of some kind of blood feud between Crimson Dragons and Platinum Dragons, two ancient dragon races who appear to be at bitter odds. The Crimsons appear to be in league with, or in thrall to, the Shadowlords. The Platinums, while they don't seem to think overly much of us, do appear to hold "viable life" sacred, and are thus opposed to the Shadowlords and their relatives the Crimson Dragons destroying it.

Sadly, the Cloak and Dagger event of this Chapter marked the end of the line for the mage Clainin. He was assassinated by the Shadowlords Faction, despite Casca's promise that he had been "entrusted . . . into the hands of Britannia’s finest soldiers." How the Shadowlords discovered his location is not known.

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