Shadowlords Sanctuary

Shadowlords Sanctuary
First Seen: March 2009
Coordinates: 8°57'N 32°3'W
Facet: Felucca
The mysterious black moongate
The secret chamber
Melissa issues her orders

In the heart of the Shadowlords stronghold east of Yew, a strange black moongate is located. This gate only works for members of the Shadowlords faction. If a member of this faction speaks the word "chaos" the gate teleports him to a secret chamber that is only accessable for them and therefore a safe haven and big advantage in faction fights.

Event history

The gate and the chamber appeared several days before the Cloak and Dagger event and was used for the prelude of said event. Melissa the Mage - incorporated by the local Event Moderator - appeared in the chamber and issued her orders to follow her to Trinsic and slay the guards of Clainin.


There is a red display case with an Obsidian Dagger on. Upon double-clicking the display case (not the dagger), one gets two Obsidian Daggers per day.

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